Day 3

Sorry I couldn’t write last night — my body just needed the rest and I had nothing left in me to focus. Yesterday after my 2nd bag of the beautiful stem cells that are continuing to work their magic repairing my damages organs and cells, I had another minor anxiety attack accompanied by a milder version of the sweating I experienced on Day 1. Dr. Haly (Brigitte) says it’s probably from the dose of my Klonopin being reduced from the chelation. At least this time I expected it and immediately hailed over one of my angels, Holly, and asked for a couple of ice packs to cool down. I also asked if she could hold my hand and she did for a minute but needed to get back to another patient who was even more in need. One of my newfound skills is learning to advocate for myself and ask for help so I did. There was a fabulous teenage girl there with Lyme and her mom was with her (also previously treated here). I caught Trish’s eye (the mom) and asked her if she would mind holding my hand just until I calmed down. Have I told you that I’m surrounded by angels on a daily basis? She was awesome and the attack subsided so much faster than the day before. I also got the results of my bloodwork back yesterday. I was able to get my hemoglobin up which allowed me to get my ozone treatment today, my labs showed zero Borellia bacteria in my blood (yay!) parasites and lots and lots of inflammation. Brigitte can’t guarantee the Lyme is all gone — it hides deep in many layers and she’s pulling out a ton of toxins left behind and while I’m having a pretty easy first week, there’s a chance that Borellia may show up in next week’s labs if the treatment finds any and pulls it to the forefront — so I’m prepared. But the good news is that prior to this trip I spent nine months killing with antibiotics and then another almost 8 months stinging with live bees as the venom attacks Lyme in ever form.

Brigitte also gave me a large bag filled with supplements that I started today. All natural remedies — some for parasites and others to kill bacteria and some to support my very damaged immune system.

After treatment Kris & I drove into actual Cabo San Lucas which is just about 30 minutes away. This is his very first trip to Cabo and he needs to return home Friday so this was a must! Boy has Cabo changed from when I was last year for the first time 26 years ago! We had dinner with our property manager/realtor and discussed making an offer on the condo we’re renting — it’s always been at the top of my bucket list to live at the beach and this deal was a no-brainer.

I slept like a baby and again awoke rested woohoo! This morning I drove our new rental car with Kris beside me to the clinic — I’m on my own driving in a couple days so I’m taking full advantage of him being here while I can.

This morning’s agenda began with my first ozone treatment and I immediately fell in love with a lovely spanish speaking nurse named Yolanda who calls herself Dracula — gotta love her! The ozone here is nothing like what I’ve received in Los Angeles. You can see from the picture than veins in both my arms were accessed. The needles were much larger than I’ve had because they took a lot more blood out and the tubing was large enough to reallly clean my blood. I watched as clusters of fat came through my blood -it was crazy! But they were all filtered out through a machine along with other toxic waste my body doesn’t need and then filled with ozone and put back in my body via the tubing in my other arm. The hairy arm you see in the picture isn’t mine! It’s Kris holding a cup of coffee with a straw in it up to my mouth — cuz he knows in the mornings Wendei needs her coffee — it’s really the one vice I have left and well, it’s coffee so it makes me happy. Nuff said!

So began the cleansing of my blood which is such an important part of treatment. I thank G-d I’m not taking that fat and toxin loaded blood back home with me in a few weeks!

After the ozone treatment I received another bag of stem cells. Please take note that in the states they give you nowhere close to this amount. I’m getting a bag of approximately 20 million stem cells six days a week over the course of 3 weeks and I’l be returning in a few months to do my fourth week. Today thank goodness I didn’t have the anxiety attack but I also didn’t get chelation so my hunch is chelation + stems = anxiety attack. So I got a nice break today. After stems I was ready for my first massage from Jesus which was lovely. After that against my own judgement and Brigitte’s instructions I began texting a co worker to get some products shipped out to a client. She was busy in a treatment herself and this was my only opportunity to do any work at all as I already had the next thing on my agenda waiting. We finally got through it but I could quickly feel my anxiety level and stress rising in my body. I’m not hear just for Lyme — I’m hear to learn how to set boundaries and take better care of myself.

Next stop was chi gong with Fabrize and just being in the same room with him was enough to calm down my breathing. He started me with a 6 minute standing position meditation and by the end I was back to relaxed — I’m to work up to 10 minutes 3 times a day. Oy!

After that another super healthy lunch was served (have I told you how delicious their food is??). Kris had gone to play the local golf course and I ended up getting a ride back to the condo.

There’s a private chef who many patients use for meal delivery and we placed an order on Monday and she delivered tonight. We had the most amazing snapper and homemade rice with veggies. le And for dessert I had the most incredible chocolate coconut milk pudding and I chopped up some organic mango and banana and added it — gloriously delicious!

My son turned 15 yesterday and I miss him terribly. It was literally the highlight of my day getting to hear his voice when he called last night. This is my first Sunday in 12 years not going to pick up one of my kids from Camp JCA. Kris will pick him up this Sunday and has promised lots of pictures.

I’m super nervous about Kris leaving on Friday and it seems like I only may be there for a couple hours on Saturday and I’m off on Sunday so I may end up kicking around by myself in the rental car. But for now in this moment as my brain is quickly shutting down and telling me to sleep — I’m feeling better and more alert than I have in years and I still have 18 days of treatment to go!

More updates and education hopefully tomorrow!!



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Living The Lyme Lie

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