Chills, fever & nausea from chelation

Days 4 & 5: Day 4 was by far the worst of my week. The day started out fine — I slept really well and again woke up rested which was such a joy as I seriously can’t remember every really having restful sleep. The day at the clinic started like all the rest. I helped the nurses hook up the first bag to my port. The nurses at Stemaid aren’t used to working with ports so I’ve been teaching them. Today I’m going to deaccess — meaning I’m going to take the needle out that’s been in since last Saturday night. I’ll do it in front of a bathroom mirror with one of the nurses watching so they can see how I do it. And I’ll access it again on Monday morning but this time with someone watching me at the clinic. I’m hoping that by me teaching them, they will be able to do it for future patients. I did it myself for the very first time last Saturday night and it was hell as Kris & I had a huge fight right before — the joke is I can’t even remember what it was about — but I was crying and a mess and really had no business sticking a needle in my chest in that state of mind.

Anyways back to day 4. I hooked up to the chelation bag and at a certain point (it was a couple days ago so it’s really all a blur at this point and I don’t remember a whole lot) I began shaking uncontrollably with chills. I also felt really hot at the same time and felt super nauseous — nausea isn’t something I’ve had in years. I couldn’t drink or eat. Thank goodness I’d eaten a decent breakfast or I probably would’ve been worse if that’s possible. Lunchtime came and went and I wasn’t able to eat. They took my temperature and I was about 102 and climbing. I sort of remember them telling us that Brigitte (Dr. Hanly) was ready to scan Kris. They have incredible equipment here from Switzerland and Germany that scans the body. Why in G-d’s name we are still subjected to MRI’s in the U.S. with injections of radioactive contrast dye I have no idea when it’s so unnecessary. We had asked Brigitte on the first day if Kris could get scanned as he was also diagnosed with Lyme the end of last year. I wanted to be in the room so I could hear what she was telling him and I forced myself to go in her office with him. I couldn’t sit at the round conference table she has set up so I asked for a blanket and a pillow and I laid on the floor and listened best I could. What a sight I must’ve been! Thank G-d overall Kris’ health is pretty good. He did have some fat/plaque in his arteries which is normal for his age but it was a wake up call that he does need to really clean up his diet if he wants to stick around to watch our grandkids grow up. He also has some kidney stones and Brigitte recommended when he gets home to start a kidney and liver cleanse. I need to remember to ask for suggestions on how to do it before I leave in a couple weeks.

Back to me: I continued to go downhill. The chelation bag was finally empty and Brigitte instructed the nurses to skip my usual B17 drip and just get the bag of stems in me. Kris got me out to the car (did I mention we rented a car so I would have more independence now that I’m here on my own?) and got me home to the condo. He wanted to set me up in the downstairs bedroom but I feel so much more comfortable upstairs where I can see the ocean from my bed. The stairs are concrete so if I remember correctly he stood behind me and I held onto the railing and somehow made it up with him holding me from behind. I made it into the bed and still couldn’t stop shaking. I knew I was in toxic overload and because I wasn’t able to get any fluids down because of the nausea I asked him to get ahold of the clinic and ask for a bag of saline so I could force fluids into my body. We were finally able to get ahold of someone so he drove back to the clinic, got the bag and the tubing and supplies and also stopped at a market to pick up a thermometer.

By the time he returned my fever was up to almost 103. Brigitte said the hospital wouldn’t be much help and agreed the bag of saline was my best bet. It was like the wild west in our bedroom with me trying to teach Kris how to hook me up to the bag. Drips work with gravity meaning they need to be hanging from something high — hence IV poles. Since we didn’t have a pole, Kris got a few hangers and we hung them from the curtain rod in the bedroom. Next we needed to figure out how to open the bag of saline to hook up the tubing. Between me being delirious with fever and absolutely miserable and Kris’ anxiety and frustration of not knowing what to do, we finally got it figured out. Within about 10 minutes I finally started to feel a tad better with the fluids running through me. I was finally able to urinate and start eliminating the overabundance of toxins the chelation bag had brought to the surface. Brigitte normally advises against taking any anti-inflammatories as they work against the stem cells but she said I could take some CBD oil and also some ibuprofen which we had. I really didn’t want to tak the ibuprofen. I’m trying to hard to get the toxins out of my body and the ibuprofen we had brought has a neon orange coating — anything that color can’t be natural right?? So I took about a half dropperful of my 1800 mg. CBD oil and was finally able to sleep. By the time I woke up yesterday morning my fever had broke — thank G-d. I had a horrible headache the rest of the day and am still feeling pretty weak but am so much better than Thursday.

Yesterday was an easy day — we skipped chelation and just did B17 and stems as Brigitte doesn’t want me to do chelation again until she sees me — which will hopefully be today.

Kris flew home yesterday so I’m alone here at the condo and feeling pretty lonely and sad without him. I think I’ll be okay unless I have another bad day like I had Thursday in which case I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll figure it out like I always do. I had horrible insomnia last night and finally took a medicated gummie about 2am and was able to sleep some but it was fitful sleep and I sweat like crazy and was up by 6am. I’m exhausted and a little out of it but need to be at the clinic by noon — today is just stems so I figure I’ll be in and out in an hour and as much as I’d love to take a drive somewhere I think it’s best that I just come back to the condo and catch up on Netflix and Hulu. Sundays the clinic is closed so if I feel strong and well enough I’m going to see if I can find someone to take a drive to Todos Santos with me which is about an hour north of here.

I’m nervous about being here alone the next two and a half weeks. Kris was a huge help while he was here and while I’m more than capable of taking care of myself I’m realizing as I’m starting to cry that I really don’t want to. I want to have someone to lean on. It’s not fair that most of us Lymies have to figure out how to run saline drips and rig up hangers. It’s not fair that some of us end up living in cars because all our money is spent on treatment so there’s nothing left for rent. It’s not fair that people don’t believe we’re sick because we look “fine.” We’re NOT FINE!

Till next time….

Rockstar business owner who is in the process of launching her own fabulous skin & body care line all while unknowingly (till 2017) living with Lyme Disease.